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The SAT officially became the Digital SAT in 2024

As of 2024, everyone taking the SAT will be taking this new version, also known as the "Digital SAT." You can no longer take the paper version.

Can I Use Magoosh to Study for the Digital SAT?

Yes! Our lessons, practice questions, and practice tests have already been updated to reflect the changes that were first introduced in 2023, so you can use Magoosh to study for the Digital SAT.

What Does the Digital SAT Look Like?

Module Number of Questions Time Limit
Reading & Writing Module 1 27 questions 32 minutes
Reading & Writing Module 2 27 questions 32 minutes
Math Module 1 22 questions 35 minutes
Math Module 2 22 questions 35 minutes
Total 98 questions ~2 hours and 15 minutes

And the scoring scale remains the same:

  • Reading & Writing: 200 - 800
  • Math: 200 - 800
  • Total Overall SAT Score: 400 - 1600

If You Studied for an Older Version of the Exam

Here are some quick highlights on the main differences:

Content Changes

  • The Reading & Writing section's passages are now only ~100 words long and have only 1 question. Previously, SAT passages were 500+ words long and had ~10 questions each.
  • Other than that, the same general topics and skills are still tested.

Structure Changes

  • Most sections now ask fewer questions and take less time.
  • The Digital SAT is "module adaptive," meaning that how you perform on the first module determines the difficulty of the 2nd module. For example, if you do well on Math Module 1, you'll see harder questions on Math Module 2.
  • Reading and Writing used to be separate sections; they are now combined together.
  • The paper SAT had a "no calculator" math section. On the Digital SAT, a calculator can be used on any math question.

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